The Enigma Girl

Decoding Happyness


She was a steep rebel,
A hurricane dressed as the wind,
She could sweep you off your feet..

She was an untamed horse,
Running into the wild,
Without any care..

She was the tides in the sea,
On a full moon night,
Fearless she rose higher each time..

She was the pole star on a cloudy night,
Burning with zest within
Appearing as a tiny dot to the world..

She was a fragrant flower,
Amidst a scorching lifeless desert,
Blooming midst the torrid heat..

Her eyes had the innocence,
Of a child when looking at his mother,
And love so deeply engraved..

Her lips curved,
Into a beautiful smiles,
That’d make roses bloom in autumn.

Her dimples spoke,
They shouted the glee she held,
Like a puppy hugging his long lost pal..

She was an ignited ice cube,
Serene fire in Siberian winters,
Magic ran through her nerves..

Her gentle…

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